Friday, January 16, 2015


by Emmanuel Kuehn

Imagine we are in the European summer holiday season, and August is when the most people take to the road. Given the state of highway infrastructure, driving is easy, roads well maintained and convenient. Unless you are going to a major tourist centre most of the interesting holiday locations are off the beaten path and require car transport.

When I grew up, it was more common to travel with a glove compartment full of Michelin maps. Today, travel has been drastically changed by technology and the use of "SatNav" (Satellite Navigation). This system is easy to use once properly installed. Human beings have taken to this technological aide like bream to seawater. Why is it that we place so much trust in electronic devices?

The problem with this relationship is our shift to dependency. Blind trust robs us of our freedom to make our own decisions or other choices. Putting our trust in high technology sounds logical, and so most us succumb.

In my view, over the last decade, we have become "dumb". We place too much trust in electronic devices. For example, recently, a woman on holiday vacationing in France called her travel assistance hotline after getting lost following the posted directions on SatNov. I know this sounds incredulous, but it is a true story.

The humour in the drama to me is self-evident. We have abrogated our power to make decisions. It almost seems that we have lost our instinct to know when something is right. Have we mislaid our instinct with the neglected roadmaps?

It seems we as though we have.

Let's talk about intuition. When was the last time you used your intuition and felt comfortable doing so?

Knowing how to use and rely on intuition takes some practice. It is as it were our natural internal guidance system. When it functions, it rarely let's us down. The more we use it allows us to build a reflex response to a multitude of issues. It is an excellent tool in the quiver of decision makers.

What I find peculiar is that many people are afraid of their own inner voice. Bad decisions lead people not to listen to their inner voice, and this failure cuts them off from the "universal intelligence"  that can guide us if we are open and if we listen and feel.

To follow the right path, requires directions.

Similarly to the "Tom-Tom", intuition guides us back on the right track. This happens even at the unconscious level.

The challenge for all of us is to learn how to trust our internal voice, which guides us. Why should we trust a "Tom-Tom" and not our own inner feelings?

In business, the most successful professionals are those leaders, who have come to rely on their intuition in the decision making process. Only bean counters rely just on the statistical data. A second benefit to harnessing your intuition in business and personal life is the power to exercise your judgment with a stroke of self-confidence.

Remember tools are just tools. It is how the tools are used, which makes the difference. I don't counsel abstinence in the use of tools, quite the contrary. Just understand that they are aids not solutions to the proper use of judgment. If you follow this advice, you will arrive at your destination and your intuition will blossom.

Have a great journey on the path of your own choosing.

Trust your Gut!

About The Author

Emmanuel Kuehn is a Management Consultant, Leadership Coach & Trainer for both corporate organizations and individuals.

"Business is a matter of People!"
Emmanuel Kuehn | WisePoint B.V.