Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Achieve your goals in doing and not in talking!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

We all are pilgrims on the path of life. Our journey is not about the final destination but about the road leading to it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pretending to be the smartest, the strongest, the best & the richest person? Just be yourself, that's good enough!!

From a young age, we have grown-up in an environment where it is important to achieve, to win.
At school, we got enormous pressure to reach the top of the bill. Teachers were sometimes acting as military officer! School was for some kids like being at the army.
Our parents wished for us to be successful at school. Didn't they?
Should we got bad marks, it might have felt like they failed too. Were they realistic enough to see who their kids really were? Or were they simply wishing their kids to become whom they had always dreamt to be?
It looks like kids were educated not in looking at themselves but in constantly comparing themselves to others. It is was ongoing competition.
Is the educational systems better today? I leave it to you to answer that question.

After many years of "military service", we finally left school, did some to studies and finally got a job. Did we reach a calm and peaceful world then? Not really, we entered a new world, a jungle!
In order to survive, it has become crucial to fight like a lion. Business is tougher and tougher  every day and it looks like many of us are doing business with no emotions. Unfortunately It's all a matter of money nowadays.

Due to the fact that we have grown-up with an extreme competitive spirit, our ego has probably got bigger than our heart. Nowadays, it is not good enough to be second or third. Victory is must!
This is why we are surrounded, more and more, by selfish people with a huge ego. The word "humble" is not part of their vocabulary. They talk and act as emperor, thinking they have everything, thinking they are everything! Do they rally think they will get a medal for that?
The challenge for them is to come back to reality and learn not to be someone else. The ultimate champion does not exist. Business is not to be compared to the Olympics.
Life is not fro them what it seems to be.

And should they really wish to become the champion they always dreamt to be, they should then work on themsleves in seeing/accepting who they really are.
That would then be their biggest victory!

Wishing you to do business in a wise way!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Don’t fool your customers, respect them instead!!

Sales people run hard to generate sales. Some of them are paid on a commission basis, which puts extra pressure to score. No sales = no revenue!!
We know the ones selling ice to Eskimos, but we also know the ones deciding not to. Up to you to decide on what side of the fan you want to stand.

No sales without buyers. Those are the ones looking for valuable products at a fair price. Buyers usually do not only buy a product but also the sales person. It's like a package deal!
What makes the difference in the selling process is the credibility of the sales person and the company he/she represent. Sometimes buyers will even pay more for your product. Good on you!
You have been able to build-up such a relationship that the buyer trusts you. Ultimately that's what you are looking for. I am now talking to the ones on one side of the fan.

As for the others, things are a bit different. Those are the ones who will tell fairytale in order to sell their product. They are so convincing that buyers would even believe them. Are they good sales people? They might as they sell but in fact they are not as they probably will not sell again. That's what we call a one shot deal. They don't mind as they will ty to find another victim. What about the buyer who has been fooled by this sales person? He feels his trust has been damaged. He feels he has been misleading to buy what he thought the perfect product was. Ultimately, the result is a complete disappointment.
I wish good luck to the next sales person who will come to sell a product.

Selling is much more than closing a deal! I consider selling as a complex art of building-up a strong binding between two people and the companies they represent. It is a commitment between two persons, the seller and the buyer. It should be seen as a long term relationship where both sides have mutual respect.

The ones who fool their customers are also disrespectful with themselves.
They seem not care as they might not see the buyer again. Fact is that they see themselves everyday when looking into the mirror. But are they looking often into the mirror??

For the others on the other side of the fan, the choice is to respect their customers. It is a long term investment. Customers are also human being enjoying to be rewarded. The strongest the relationship, the most difficult it will be for the buyer to buy somewhere else. You are more than a sales person, you are an advisor to your customer.

The other day, I went to two different stores as I was looking for a new mattress. One store is the traditional family business retail shop, and the other a superstore belonging to a national chain.
The smaller retailer was the one advising not to buy the most expensive product as it would not be the proper specifications for my body. On the opposite, the sales person in the mega-store was the one to direct me to the 'crème de la crème' of the mattress. She pretended it would be the best fit due to the high price.
Being in the business myself, I was  seating on the buyer's chair for a while. Amazing that two people gave so different advises. The small retailer gained my trust as he did not selling but just advising. He would not guide me to the most expensive product but rather would suggest the right fit.
The other retailer would go for gold in trying to sell me the most expensive product.
No wonder why the small retailer still exists after more than 50 years!! He clearly made the decision not to fool his customers. The other  stands on the other side of the fan. By the way, that sales person might even sell cleaning products tomorrow and shoes the day after...

As a customer, I will be the one going back to the advisor and not the seller.
When I go back to the small retailer, I will say: "I have bought a mattress"
Should I have been going to the superstore, I would have said: " They have sold me a mattress"

So be wise enough not to fool your customers, you will be respected not to do so!!