Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The ones who talk less are thinking more!!

In business, people tend to talk a lot! That's obvious as it would be difficult to do business with no words...
A sales person willing to sell a product/service will try to convince the buyer. He/she normally will be the one talking a lot and the buyer will be the one listening a lot. That's how business works in this world.

The issue there is that when the sales person talks, he/she is focused on what to be said. The buyer will be listening (sometimes not...) and will be thinking (sometimes not..) And as sales people like to talk, they hardly take time to listen and thus to think.

But after all, how much information can a sales person collect when talking too much. The clue is to let the buyer talking more. That could be a challenge as buyers are smart enough (not always...) to keep information for themselves. So once the sales person really understand that business is not all about the product to sell but also, and mainly, about the buyer's expectations, there will be less talk on his/her side and more thoughts.

Have you experienced when talking to someone who asks a question without granting you the time to answer to it as he/she goes on with talking. How frustrating is that!
The good thing is that you have got time enough to think that the person you are talking to is not respectful and does not really care about what you have to say.

In general, it is important to focus on what others have to say. The more a sales person will listen to the buyer, the more he/she will have time to think. From those thoughts may come the answer to some questions he/she had before the meeting. It is all about taking time to discover the buyer's need and expectations.

As a young driven salesman, I was the one who talked. I always had a lot to say about the product, the company, the pricing, the market, the competition, you name it...
 I thought I was a good salesman. Sure I booked successes but what I did not realize that I missed many opportunities to sell. That occurred when facing an experienced buyer.
They were the ones wise enough to let me talk. And I did!!

So, for the ones who tend to use their mouth more than their brain, try to talk less and you will think more. It's not harmful, believe me!
And when asking a question to someone, just ask it and then shut up! Allow the other person to answer you. He too has the right to talk :-)

Wishing you to do business a wise way.